Aja Witt

School:  I am a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Masters in Journalism and a Bachelors in Journalism and African American Studies with a research focus on sport, race, gender, and mental health.


Family + Home: I was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa and come from a big family of four siblings.


How you got to Iowa City: I came to Iowa City as an undergrad in 2014, and since 2018, my family has slowly migrated to the area, giving me a reason to stay. There’s a lot more to do in Iowa City than in Waterloo – career and leisure-wise – so that’s also a plus.


Why I participated in the banner project: I think it’s important for the diversity of Iowa City to be represented. When I lived here as a student, I didn’t know about the South District and all of the other people of color living in the area; that can feel isolating at times, so I’m happy to be involved in a project that embraces the underrepresented identities of Iowa City.