Taylor Beyal

Job Title: Student Support Specialist at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City. 


Background: I come from a single-parent household. First-generation college student. I was born and raised in Iowa. I am half Navajo (Native American).


How you got to Iowa City: I was raised in small town Kalona and it’s common to come to Iowa City for shopping and employment. My mom works at the University of Iowa Hospital and I was a student at Kirkwood Community College before working for Kirkwood. I have lived in Iowa City for the last four years and I love it.


Why you decided to participate in the Welcoming Banner project: I am half Navajo (Native American) and it’s rare to meet and find other indigenous people. I rarely see Native Americans represented and when the opportunity presented itself I agreed to participate because I want other indigenous people and minorities in general to see representation and to see themselves.


A note to our community: Welcome to Iowa City, you are welcome here.