Welcoming Johnson County Banner Project

Since 2015, Johnson County has maintained its Welcoming America Banner Project which showcases the diversity of our community with banners hung throughout Iowa City, Coralville, and Kirkwood Community College. As a part of this project, the banners for 2021 will include black & white photographs of everyday Johnson County residents, from students and University professors, to city council members and business owners. The purpose of this project is to foster greater cultural diversity within our communities and amplify the work of our citizens.

Maria Teresa Martinez

Meet Maria →

Aja Witt

Meet Aja →

Cyrus H. Mudanya

Meet Cyrus →

Taylor Beyal

Meet Taylor →

Inayat Baloch

Meet Inayat →

Ayushi Sood

Meet Ayushi →

Liz Tovar

Meet Liz →

Daniel Lusche

Meet Daniel →

Katie Roche

Meet Katie →

Salina McCarty

Meet Salina →

Lucy Barker

Meet Lucy →

Dana Dominguez

Meet Dana →

Mohamed Bidanis

Wafaa Bedreddeen

Carrie Schuettpelz

Consuelo Guayara Sanchez

Em Domingues

Dasia Taylor

Ebenezer Aidoo

Fadwa El Qoudsi

Hicham Chehouani

Felix Anaman

Mohammed Traore

Maria Martinez

Zeya Han

Meenakshi Gigi Durham

Hoang Dang

Janet Marcelino

Margorie Gutierrez

Amaris Rodriguez

Elizabeth Bernal

Hai Huynh

Marcela Hurtado

Karla Bernal